Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does the service start? 

SIF meets for worship every Sunday, 11:00 a.m. at the Dushu Lake Church (Dushu Hu Jiao Tang.)


  1. How do I get to SIF?

SIF provides bus service every Sunday from around the city. Look at our bus schedule for specific locations and times.


  1. My husband/wife is Chinese. Can he/she come with me to SIF? I have a Chinese friend. Can I bring him/her?

SIF welcomes all foreign ID holders to its services and other activities. Spouses of foreign ID holders are welcome.


  1. How do I get announcements in the newsletter or on the webpage?

You can send us your email address and we will put you on our SIF Information Email List.


  1. Where can I get information about the different ministry teams in the church?

Our SIF Leadership Council includes the head of each ministry sponsored by SIF.


  1. Can I get a DVD or CD of the Worship Services?

We do not make DVD or CD copies of our services. You can listen to past messages online.


  1. After church, it seems people are all going different places for lunch. How do I know where to go?

Going out to lunch after the worship service is an SIF tradition! The busses will drop you off at many of Suzhou’s best lunch spots. Most importantly, find some friends to join you at this “continued time of fellowship!”


  1. When should you be baptized? Why should you be baptized? What does baptism mean? Where can I be baptized?

SIF practices “Believer’s Baptism” – This means we baptize those who have made a decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ. We do offer  regular “Parent/Child Dedication” services for Christian parents and their little ones. Those interested in baptism or Dedication may email the pastor.


  1.  I’d like more information about the Worship Ministry.  I’d like to sing a solo. How do I audition? 

SIF has multiple worship teams that lead the music portion of our worship services every Sunday. We are multi-lingual and multi-cultural even as we sing “mostly” in English. We worship primarily in a “contemporary style” with guitar, keyboard, bass and drums usually included.


Worship gatherings are held several times a year for those interested in joining one of our teams.


  1. What kind of nursery ministry does SIF have?

Every Sunday, SIF offers a CLEAN and newly refurbished nursery with loving, helpful care-givers. Parents are welcome to “check in” their little ones before the service. Children of all ages are also welcome in all SIF worship services.


  1. What kind of children’s ministry does SIF have?

SIF provides ministry every Sunday for Pre-school and school aged children. Young ones are invited to join their parents for the first, “musical” portion of worship and then may move to the educational facility for their continued children’s ministry.


  1. What is a Small Group?

A Small Group is a small group of approximately 10–12 people who meet together regularly for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. Small Groups were created in order to connect people to one another and to the life of living in Suzhou, while helping them to apply basic biblical principles to their everyday life. We like to refer to this process as experiencing life together.


  1. Why should I join a Small Group?

Here are four very important reasons. First, you’ll begin to feel like you are part of the SIF family and not just a face in the crowd. Second, you will immediately be surrounded by people who will provide a caring network of love and support. Third, you’ll begin to understand the Bible better as you study God’s Word with others. Finally, you’ll discover the joy of experiencing life with genuine friends who accept you for who you are and for who you are becoming.


  1. How often do Small Groups meet?

That depends on the group, but small groups usually meet once a week.


  1. Where do Small Groups meet?

Most of our groups meet in homes located throughout Suzhou. Please refer to the Small Groups link listed under the Ministries tab for more information on where specific groups meet.


  1. What happens at a Small Group meeting?

Every group is different but there are some common denominators. Most groups have a time for fellowship. The central growth component is a study of something relevant to the members of the group. Our groups are designed to encourage discussion and engage each person in the process. Groups also have the opportunity to pray for one another.


  1. How do I get into a group?

Contact one of our small group leaders through the website.

We want to hear from you. Please contact us with any comments, questions, suggestions, or whatever else is on your mind. Contacts are provided for several categories so please choose the one that is most appropriate and then use the form to send your email. Thanks.

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