Getting to SIF


The Suzhou International Fellowship meets each Sunday at the Dushu Lake Church, located in SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) on the east side of Dushu Lake. You can easily reach this location by car or taxi. There is also limited public bus service to this location. The church building is located in the middle of a park on the shore of Dushu Lake. This is a beautiful setting, but can make the building a little difficult to find for first-time visitors.

When you arrive by car or taxi, you will first arrive at the parking lot. You will need to walk from the parking lot through the park to find the church building. There are some signs posted along the park walkways to direct you to the church building.

Note: Suzhou International Fellowship uses the same church building as Dushu Lake Church. The Dushu Lake Church is a Chinese church. They hold a Chinese language service at 9:00am that is open to Chinese nationals and foreigners. The Suzhou International Fellowship (SIF) service starts at 11:00am (after the Chinese church service). The SIF service is in English. Due to Chinese government regulations, the SIF service is only open to foreign passport holders and their immediate family.

Service Time
Sunday Worship 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Service Location
Dushu Lake Church
99 Cui Wei Street, Suzhou SIP


Church Address and Directions


Suzhou International Fellowship operates a free shuttle bus service with stops at different points within Suzhou.  For questions regarding specific pickup locations and times, please email one of our elders at 

Bus Line – Old Town 苏ET8832 Coach


建新巷 Jian Xin Xiang- top of lindun road towards dong hong qiao 10:00 AM
苏州大学-东校区 (靠东环路) Suzhou University- East campus, on dong huan road 10:05 AM
独墅湖教堂 Arrive Dushu Lake Church 10:30 AM


独墅湖教堂 Arrive Dushu Lake Church 1:00 PM
欧尚 (金鸡湖路) Auchan at Jinji Hu Road 1:15 PM
建新巷 Jian Xin Xiang- top of lindun road towards dong hong qiao 1:30 PM

Bus Line – SIP West 苏E3N877 Coach


沃尔玛-印象城背面对面公交车站 Opp North of Walmart/Incity Bus Stop (Across Road) 9:50 AM
海关大厦南面 South of Customs Building 9:50 AM
都市花园-天虹对面 Orchard Manor Apartment opposite Tian Hong Mall 9:55 AM
星海游泳馆-星海街上 Xinghai Swimming Complex on Xinghai Street 9:55 AM
天域-星汉街门口 Horizon on Xinghan Street 9:55 AM
湖左岸西面大门 Landmark Apartment West Entrance 10:00 AM
嘉怡苑对面公交车站-星汉街 Opposite Jiayi Garden bus stop on Xinghan Road 10:00 AM
馨都广场对面,三星公交车站 Opposite Xindu Plaza, Samsung Bus Stop 10:00 AM
城邦花园对面,靠建屋豪生酒店-星港街 Opposite Cheng Bang Gardens, Xing gang Street (Opposite Howard Johnson) 10:05 AM
独墅湖教堂 Arrive Dushu Lake Church 10:30 AM

Same route as Arrive.

Bus Line – SIP East 苏E39978 Coach


艺术中心北公交车站,现代大道上。玲珑湾对面 Arts and Cultural Center North Bus stop, on Xiandai Da Dao (Modern Avenue) Opposite Ling Long Wan (Bayside Garden) 10:00 AM
东城郡外,公交车站 Dong Cheng Jun Bus Stop 10:05 AM
自由水岸-湖东邻里中心西公交车站 Zi You Shui An apartments, Hu Dong Neighbourhood Centre West bus stop 10:05 AM
金水湾 Outside Golden Lough, opposite Link City 10:25 AM
独墅湖教堂 Arrive Dushu Lake Church 10:30 AM

Terminates at Times Square (圆融时代广场), option to alight at Arts and Cultural North Bus Stop upon request

Bus Line – Suzhou New District 苏E5MW85 Grey van


竹园路外国语学校门口 Zhu Yuan Road Suzhou Foreign Language School Entrance 9:40 AM
长江路御花苑门口 Chang Jiang Road, Regent on the Part Entrance 9:40 AM
锦华苑对面 Opposite Jin Hua Yuan, intersection of Bing He Road and Jin Shan Road 9:45 AM
金狮大厦 King’s Tower 9:45 AM
塔园路地铁站麦当劳对面的美之苑门口 South Gate of Meizhiyuan across the street from Tai Yuan Rd Subway Stop McDonalds 9:45 AM
独墅湖教堂 Arrive Dushu Lake Church 10:30 AM

No shuttle bus service departing to SND at this time.

Bus Line – Suzhou New District South  苏E3F078